Restaurants in the 10th

Chez Jeannette
47 rue du Faubourg-St Denis 75010
Mº Strasbourg St-Denis or Château d’Eau

“When she sold her café back in March 2007, Jeanette handed over to the young team from Chez Justine because they promised not to change a thing. The monstrous 1940s dust-coated lights, leaky loos, tobacco-stained wallpaper depicting the Moulin Rouge and PVC-covered banquettes have finally been cleaned up, and the café has become one of Paris’s hippest spots for an aperitif. There’s a plat du jour at lunch and plates of cheese and charcuterie at night; at 8pm, the fluorescent lights go off and candlelight takes over, to a cheer.” — Time Out

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