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Le Fooding
Born “by chance”, but having taken the culinary world by storm, the Paris-based (and now international) Le Fooding movement has authored not only guides, but all kinds of memorable events in cities like Paris, New York and Milan. While the movement began in Paris with Alexandre Cammas and his partner Emmanuel Rubin, Le Fooding’s initial events were immediately successful and began to galvanize foodies, cooks, critics, event planners and journalists throughout France.

Fine Dining Lovers – Paris
From the Marais to Saint Germain, from meat to macarons, join on a gourmet tour (is there any other kind possible?) of Paris, an open-air epicurean heaven. Trying to draw an exhaustive map of “gourmet” Paris could be considered folly: after all, the French capital is the largest open-air gastronomic gold mine on the planet. A more realistic approach, instead, is to trace small thematic routes to enjoy during a day. And no gluttonous tour of Paris would be complete without a visit to the city’s most amazing food markets. (They visit le marché des Enfants Rouges).

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